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Infused Granola

By: Dorothy Lawson, featured in Cannabis Cactus, January 2023

I've been digging trail mix lately, and this recipe for granola takes it up a few notches. This granola is one that has its fans coming back and asking for it by name. Add some nuts and dried fruit, and you have yourself the perfect snack for any Super Bowl party. It’s a great snack for traveling, get-togethers, or anytime you get the munchies! Try adding it to your cereal, yogurt, or just eat it as is. This recipe is pretty easy to infuse, and all you need to do is replace some of the apple cider with Sip Elixirs nano-infused drink. I chose the Electric Lemon flavor that’s especially intended to party with, though I think any flavor would do! Drop by your favorite dispensary and ask for Sip Elixirs. You’ll want to get one or two bottles, and hurry on home to get going on this recipe!

Yield: 8 cups

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Bake Time: 40-50 min

Tools to make this recipe: bowl, measuring cups/spoons, cookie sheet, parchment paper, spatula


  • 3 ½ cup rolled oats

  • 4 ½ tsp whole wheat flour

  • 4 ½ tsp non-fat dried milk, or dried coconut milk

  • ½ cup hemp seeds

  • ½ cup sunflower seeds

  • ½ cup almonds

  • 2 tsp lemon zest

  • 1 ½ tsp cinnamon powder

  • 3 oz unsweetened apple juice concentrate

  • 5 oz hot water, at least 140°F

  • 3 oz honey

  • 1 bottle Sip Elixers, Electric Lemon, 2oz

  • 2 cups trail mix, whatever variety you’d like, i.e. chocolate


  1. Think about how medicated you would like for the granola to be. This recipe makes about 8 cups of granola, meaning about 12 mg for each cup of granola. For this recipe, I use a whole bottle of Sip Elixers, Electric Lemon, 100mg. Consider what dosage is right for you before you decide if you want to double the amount of elixir for your recipe. If you do want to increase your dosage, use 2 bottles of Sip Elixir, and lower your apple cider down by 2 oz. Make a note of what you decided.

  2. Preheat the oven at 325°f, and prep your cookie sheets with parchment or silpat. In a large mixing bowl, combine the oats, flour, dry milk, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, lemon zest, and ground cinnamon. Mix well. Mix together the apple cider, hot water, Sip Elixir, and honey. Pour evenly over the granola mixture and mix well.

  3. Thinly spread the mixture on a cookie sheet, and bake until dry and toasted. Stir occasionally for about 40-45 minutes. Cool til about room temperature. Pour the baked oat mixture into a bowl, then add and mix in the trail mix. Serve in a large serving dish, or divide into individual portions for precise dosing.

  4. Relax and enjoy.


Less sugar: Substitute apple cider vinegar for the apple cider.

Did you make this granola? Post a photo with #CannabisCactusRecipes. We love to see your work!

If you have any questions, send me an email at or Instagram or FB @RubyRedConfections.

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