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Infused Chocolate covered Strawberries

By: Dorothy Lawson, featured in Cannabis Cactus, February 2023

For Valentine’s Day this year, let’s make something easy! What better way to celebrate your special loved one than with chocolate covered strawberries? This recipe only requires 3 ingredients, and you don’t need to have experience to make these look pretty and taste delicious, just like the ones you’re seeing around the stores. The chocolate from this recipe can be used to dip strawberries or any other dip-able snack, like pretzels and gummy bears. On a side note, it can also be used as body paint, if you’re into that. All you need to do is keep the leftover chocolate in a crockpot on “warm”, or a double boiler on low. For this recipe I used Hippie Chicks’ new flavor, “Vibes”. It is a strawberry-flavored chocolate that is dark chocolate layered over strawberry white chocolate, and it’s pretty tasty! You’ll need an hour to make this recipe, tops. Drop by the store for strawberries and coconut oil, and make a quick pit stop by your favorite dispensary to ask for Hippie Chicks Chocolates. You’ll want to ask for one or two boxes, and hurry home to make this recipe before that special someone makes it there first! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yield: 16 oz, approx. 20 strawberries

Prep Time: 45 minutes

Tools to make this recipe: bowl, measuring cups/spoons, cookie sheet, parchment paper, toothpick/wooden skewers


  • 1lb Strawberries

  • 1 box Hippie Chicks, Vibes flavor, 6oz, 100mg THC

  • 1 Tablespoon Coconut oil


  1. Think about how much medication each strawberry will be. I did the math by weighing the strawberry before and after chocolate dipping, and was able to determine an approximate amount of chocolate on the strawberry depending on size of strawberry. For the smallest strawberries, there is about 5g of chocolate on each berry and about 2.5mg of THC. For the medium strawberries, there is about 7g of chocolate on each berry and about 3.5mg of THC. For the largest strawberries, I weighed the chocolate at 10g per berry and about 5mg THC. It’s a good idea to know which size you’ll be sticking to so you can gauge your use, because they’re pretty addictive. That being said, pay attention to your dosing!

  2. Wash strawberries and dry for at least 30 minutes. It is important to remove all the water from washing because that will destroy your chocolate.

  3. Chop up all your chocolate and heat up 2/3 of it in the microwave, heating in 15-30 seconds intervals until it is melted. Once melted, mix in the other 1/3 of the chopped chocolate carefully, and allow to melt. If it doesn’t want to finish melting, put the bowl back in the microwave for 15 second intervals until those chunks melt.

  4. You can check your chocolate temper by putting a schmear on a piece of parchment and place it in the freezer. If after 1 minute or 2, you pull it out and it snaps when you break it, then you can add in the coconut oil. Thoroughly combine. Keep the bowl warm in the crockpot on warm, or work the next step fast so your chocolate doesn’t set before you’re done.

  5. Dip your strawberries and any other snacks you’ve decided to dip. Save your leftover chocolate for drizzling with later. Sprinkle your chocolate-covered strawberries with sprinkles and sugar crystals.

  6. To speed up the chocolate hardening process, you may place strawberries in the freezer for 5-10 minutes, or keep them at room temp to harden on their own.

  7. Relax and enjoy. Good for up to 3 days.

Did you make these chocolate covered strawberries? Post a photo with #CannabisCactusRecipes. We love to see your work!

If you have any questions, send me an email at or Instagram or FB @RubyRedConfections.

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